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Whaling in Norway, a discussion in the series on Food & Culture in Nordland

Welcome to our exciting discussion , Whaling in Norway " part of our discussion series on "Food & Culture in Norland" This unique discussion takes you on a journey through the history of whaling in Northern Norway, with a focus on the importance it has had throughout the times and the controversial discussion that characterizes today's society.

Explore historical perspectives on whaling, delve into the traditions that have shaped northern Norwegian culture, and discover how the practice has developed into today's modern views. We take you on a culinary experience with a wonderful Arctic sharing m enu, where our local food traditions are at the center of the experience.

Through the discussion , we will highlight the arguments both for and against whaling, and we invite you to reflect on the ethical aspects linked to this practice. To add visual depth to our exploration, you will also experience an impressive photo series, photographed by a real whaler.

Join us on "Whaling in Norway " to understand the history of whaling, its current status and participate in the important conversation about sustainability and conservation. This lecture is not only a journey through culture and food, but also an invitation to reflect on our connection with nature and how we can help shape the future of these majestic creatures.

Duration: 2.5 hour
(food and discussion)


  • 5 types of meat
  • 1 hot soup/stew
  • 5 types of seafood
  • 4 types of salad
  • 4 types of bread, sauces, butter and accessories.

All this is served on a plank in the middle of the table.

Coffee, tea and table water

Basic price NOK 760 pp (max 30 pax, must pay for min 10 pax)